HIIT Core Class

Do you want to shrink your gut, burn off excess belly fat and love handles, and build a tight, flat, and sexy mid section?

Unfortunately,  people who desire “Six Pack Abs”  are usually going about it the wrong way – doing worthless abdominal exercises (like crunches ans sit ups) and using ineffective abs infomercial gadgets, all relying on the myth of  ”Spot Reduction”.

Well, sorry to break it to you, but doing abdominal exercises does not burn any fat of your abs, and the burn you are feeling is just the build up of lactic acid, not the belly fat magically melting off your body from doing 3 minutes of the ab lounger or the like.

The truth is, the only way to burn fat specifically from your midsection is though high intensity interval training combined with a proper diet. Now don’t get me wrong, doing proper abdominal exercises that can strengthen and add lean muscle to your core will give you that desired look, but only if you have the other two factors (diet and HIIT) in line.

Our HIIT-Core class is the prefect blend of  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises, functional core exercises, and proper diet,  designed to torch body fat and leave you with stronger and more visible core muscles.

This is a great addition to your current workout program, not only for our existing CFBC members, but for anyone else who  works out either at the gym or at home.

Our HIIT-Core class also includes a mobility/activation warm-up to loosen up tight  muscle groups and prepare you for exercise,  as well as a flexibility/tissue quality cool down to help you recover faster from your week of workouts.

The details of the class are as follows:

When: 9am-9:45am, Saturdays

Where: CFBC Training Facilty in Beachwood, OH


  • Members: $10 drop in – $30 for 4 session package
  • Non-Members: $15 drop in – $45 for 4 session package

2010 Schedule: November 6,13,20 –  December 4,11,18

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